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Call us on 07593 213755. We can upgrade your locks to approved standard BS3621 to ensure that you comply with insurance requirements. Our team in [town] provide a quick and simple service to upgrade your locks to the latest standards. We provide a wide range of locks that are designed and tested to meet high security standards. We can provide BS3621 sash locks, BS3621 dead-locks, BS3621 rim locks.

Insurance approved door locks
So what types of front door locks do insurance companies approve of? There are three main types of door locks and one kind of window lock that could help you save on your insurance. But remember, regardless of the lock on the door, if you get burgled via an open window or even an open door, your claim could be invalidated, so always practice common sense in your security whatever extras you decide to invest in.

The five lever mortice deadlock
Despite what the name might suggest, you will actually be quite familiar with this lock and will have probably seen it fitted on many doors before. You will know if you have this type of lock on your door if you see a mortice, a type of hole or recess cut into the door or wall allowing the lock to be fitted into it. Essentially, the more levers a mortice deadlock has, the more secure it is, and the five lever mortice deadlock is the standard for the approved home insurance locks list. It may not be the easiest name to remember, so write it down before going lock shopping.

But what type of front door lock has a name even catchier than the five lever mortice deadlock and is still considered to be more secure? That will have to be the five lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621. This is essentially the same type of deadlock, but it conforms to the current approved British standards. Some insurers will insist, in order to give you a discount on premiums, that you have a five lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS3621 fitted to all outside doors and ground floor windows. Check what the home insurance policy conditions are first before buying the cover.

Key operated multi point locking system
This approved lock system usually offers a higher level of security than the five lever mortice deadlock, as it bolts the door into the door frame. They are most commonly found on uPVC doors, so if you have one, chances are that you already have a key operated multi point locking system in place.

These approved locks usually have three locking points that simultaneously lock when you turn the key. For the main door the SS312 Diamond approved cylinders are most likely to get you a better deal on your home insurance premiums, so look out for that one.

Rim automatic deadlatch or night latch
The deadlatch, or night latch is an approved lock but home insurers would prefer it to be used in conjunction with one of the other locks as an extra measure, rather than a standalone lock. These types of locks are mounted onto the front door, rather than morticed into the wall, so as a result they are far less secure than the five lever mortice deadlock.

Key operated window locks
All ground floor and accessible windows should have key operated window locks installed. These locks are usually fitted on the handle that opens and closes the window or at the bottom or top of the window frame. But the main thing about these locks is that they require a key; so when these windows are not in regular use or you are not at home, make sure to lock them with a key.

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